Glass System - Automatic Sliding Door System

In many modern buildings and in particular, in public buildings or shopping centres, glass has replaced facades, partitions and doors made of cement, wood or plastic. Even in the private construction sector, glass is constantly becoming more significant. Solutions made of glass can melt subtly into the architecture of a building, or stand out and accentuate it. The fields of application are almost unlimited. GEZE offers various technologies for functional, very strong and aesthetic solutions with plenty of design play and without the need to go without heat, warmth and flexibility of planning.

Integrated all-glass systems – Technology behind glassIf hardware systems and profiles are to leave the aesthetics of the glass elements completely untouched, integrated all-glass systems are the ideal solution. The invisible integration of door hardware and profiles between two flush panes of glass ensures for great transparency.

All-glass systems – The elegant stainless steel designer fittingsThe elegant and high quality all-glass hardware systems stand out as a result of their timeless design and open up a wide range of potential uses, in particular for sliding doors. The all-glass system stainless steel hardware is made with a two-point supporter so that door leaf weights of up to 120 kg are possible.

 Glass System - Automatic Sliding Door System  Products :-  

1- Slimdrive SL IGG  ( Concentrated power hidden behind filigree lightness )