Description & Features

APRIBOX are equipped with slow motion opening and closing features and it can detect obstacles to ensure maximum safety. The aluminium rail and belt transmission, which feature special nylon coating, also ensures maximum strength and quietness during operation. The system is equipped with mechanical stops, which combined with the encoder system, guarantee stop accuracy and protect the system against possible malfunctions.

Another important new feature is the rail, which is no longer equipped with a chain, but with a belt and it provides quieter operation respect to the previous versions.

Furthermore, the battery arrangement, which was not present in the previous series, now allows the insertion of a battery pack (optional) for operation under emergency conditions.

The aesthetics is more refined both in the exterior and the interior components where the electronic control unit is protected by a plastic cover that includes indication of control panel.

The coupling between operator head and rail is simple and quick, requiring only the locking of a ribbed drive shaft and 6 screws. The belt-tensioning system is simple and intuitive and it provides a quick and effective adjustment of the transmission system.

- Power supply : 230V
- Motor power supply : 24V
- Absorbed power max. : 100W
- Force applied : 650N
- Linear speed : adjustable from 9 up to 16cm/s
- Max door dimension : 10mq
- Min. installation distance : 40mm
- Useful travel : 2400mm
- Drive : Belt
- Operating temperaure : -20° / +55°C
- Protection class : IP44