Description & Features

The new FLEXI operator with articulated arm features a modern design and compact size.
The mechanical reduction and control equipment technological features are top-notch quality. This results in a silent and smooth operation with opening and closing slow-down which safeguards mechanical components from sudden wear and tear while offering additional quietness when reaching the mechanical limit stops during closing.

The transmission arm is 85cm long and it provides strength and leaf locking at closing time, for lengths up to 3m.

The possibility of installing two mechanical limit stops on board, in addition to facilitating the installation, avoids the need of installing limit stops "on the ground", which can limit the usable area crossed by vehicles.

Easy and quick installation. The operator and arm fixing plates can either be installed with anchors and bolts, or welded. The operator’s compact size allows a non-invasive installation also on small size pillars.

Emergency power supply, in the event of power failure, guaranteed by two optional emergency batteries.

- Power supply : 230V
- Motor power supply : 24V
- Max power absorbed : 45W
- Max absorbed current : 1.87A
- Max thrust force : 170N
- Max leaf width without electric lock : 3m
- Max leaf weight : 300kg
- Protection class : IP44