Description & Features

Electronic device fitted with a microprocessor to operate 1 or 2 230 V AC motors with up to a maximum power of 500 W each.

The self-teach procedure enables the unit to acquire or update the following installation data to ensure correct functioning:

- Self-teaching for number of wings and electric lock presence.
- Self-teaching for stroke.
- Self-teaching for timed electronic slowing on approach to opening/closing stops.
- Electronic control of thrust force (only for electromechanical operators).
- Adjustable pedestrian opening.
- Built-in radio receiver with antenna, with memory for 100 remote controls.
- Functional testing of photocell during closing and auxiliary safety device during opening before each movement.
The output channels of remote control can be set.

- Automatic mode
- Four steps
- Super automatic
- Semi automatic with stop
- Step by step
- Manned
- Timer

- Power supply : 230V
- Accessory power supply : 24V
- Max. absorbed power, accessories : 1A
- Power consumption (no load) : 3W
- Unit consumption : 55W (with accessories connected and functioning, excluding motors)
- Operating temperature : -20°C +70°C
- Protection class IP55 (only with IP55 housing)

Normatives & Certifications

Manufacturer's CE declaration SWING 230 PDF